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January 30, 2012

“Mr. Bumpy Face” documentary

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St. Louis’ Penrose Park Velodrome — affectionately known by track cyclists as “Mr. Bumpy Face” because of its, well, bumpy surface and one of 23 velodromes in the United States – is the subject of a new documentary film.

Brent Jaimes and his Storyville Pictures studio is making “Ride Hard, Turn Left: The Penrose Velodrome”, a look at the velodrome in north St. Louis’ Penrose Park and the racing that has taken place there the past 50 years.

Storyville Pictures received a grant from the University City Commission for Access and Local Original Programming to make the film, but it’s seeking additional donations for the project. If you want to help the project, visit, and make a donation. Here’s a brief description of the film from the Indiegogo site:

The track, situated in the middle-class African American Penrose neighborhood, has been the home of St. Louis track racers since 1962.  The track hosted the U.S. National Track Racing Championships in the year it opened, and during the last 50 years has been the site for many national and statewide races.  Many St. Louis racers who began riding at Penrose went on to become national champions, Olympic qualifiers and international racers.

Below are some excerpts from the film. Enjoy!

You can read more about the track at the Missouri Bicycle Racing Association website. The velodrome is near the intersection of Interstate 70 and North Kingshighway.

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