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November 6, 2011

Look, Ma! No hands!

Filed under: bicycling — Roger @ 2:47 pm

If a new bicycle design takes hold, you won’t have to use your hands as often to shift gears.

Prius X Parlee — a joint venture by Toyota, Parlee Bicycles and Deeplocal – has developed a prototype bicycle that use brainwaves to shift a bicycle, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

How does it work? A helmet presses neurotransmitters against the cyclist’s scalp and transmits them to an iPhone app. If a cyclist shifts, the app will remember the location and automatically shifts in the same way when he or she returns to the location.

“We underestimated how magical it would feel to shift with your mind,” Patrick Miller told the Monitor.

Miller is the senior creative engineer at Deeplocal, the company responsible for the digital tools of the PXP. Toyota provided all the money for the project, and Parlee Bicycles — a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of hand-crafted carbon fiber bicycles — created the bike.

Parlee Bicycles doesn’t plan to sell the bike, the Monitor reported, but the hope is that someone will use the technology to make bicycles and other devices that will use brain waves to make them work.

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