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May 19, 2010

Hangdogs, cardinal celebrants and the circuit of Missouri

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Jana IretonAfter I wrote about Jana Ireton’s transformation from the Specialized Angel to the Angel of Echelon last week, I did a search to see if any other bicycle bloggers had done similar stories.

I was surprised to find an item with the exact title as my post. I was even more surprised to see the post used the exact same photos I did, positioned in the exact same manner as I had posted them.

I wasn’t very happy about that. After all, Jana had given me permission to use the photos as long as I credited them to photographer Michael Sexton. I highly doubt the “creator” of the post at Cycling Cloths had received permission to use those photos.

I went from being disgusted to being amused — borrowing a phrase from Elvis Costello — when I saw how Cycling Cloths had repurposed my post.

Here’s the first two paragraphs from my original post:

Cycling fans — especially male ones — will be happy to know that California model Jana Ireton will be back on the sidelines at the Amgen Tour of California.

“It has been 2 years since my last appearance and I am happy to announce I have a new sponsor this year with Team Echelon as ‘The Angel of Echelon,’” Jana wrote in an e-mail sent to me Monday.

And here’s Cycling Cloths’ version:

Cycling fans — doubly guy ones — bidding exist beaming to know that California archetypal Jana Ireton bidding exist entourage almost the sidelines at Amgen circuit of California.

“It has been 2 days dropout my hangdog halter and I am beaming to arbitrate I factor a addition’s dropout this Day hangdog governors Echelon because ‘The archangel of Echelon,’” Jana wrote encompassing an communique sent to me Monday.

I decided to see what else Cycling Cloths had done, and I noticed Cycling Cloths had a fixation with the word “hangdog”, which the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines as (n.) a despicable or miserable person or (adj.) sad, dejected or sheepish.

I also noticed some posts that were similar to what West Coast blogger Richard Masoner wrote in his great Cyclelicious blog. For example:

Original: UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron today was selected as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The 43 year old Cameron, who is Britain’s youngest prime minister in almost two centuries, regularly rode his bicycle to parliament. It’s unknown if Cameron will continue riding his bike from his new official residence at Number 10 Downing Street.

Cycling Cloths version: UK familiarly carouse captain David Cameron today was allotted because the addition’s cardinal celebrant of the concurrent Kingdom. The 43 Day anesthetize Cameron, who is Britain’s youngest cardinal celebrant encompassing almost two centuries, chronically rode his bike to parliament. It’s faceless if Cameron bidding holdout riding his bike from his addition’s credo hometown at digit 10 Downing Street.

Finally, one more example from my blog:

Original: Brent Hugh, executive director of the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation, sent out this action alert today about the Tour of Missouri:

Cycling Cloths version: Brent Hugh, governors coordinator of the Missouri bike & fraudulently Federation, sent forth this ado hoaxing today almost the circuit of Missouri:

I thought at first that Cycling Cloths was translating the posts into another language, then back into English, But Richard, who knows a lot more about computers than I do, says what Cycling Cloths and folks of that ilk do is mix random text into the posts to avoid duplicate content penalties.

To sum things up, posts at Roger Kramer Cycling: The Blog Page ( and Cyclelicious ( are real. Posts at Cycling Cloths ( aren’t, but they’re good for a few laughs! I can’t wait to see what Cycling Cloths does with this post!

P.S.: Just so you don’t think this is just an excuse to post Jana Ireton’s photo, here are links to some more Angel posts. Cycle To has a brief video interview with her, and Twisted Spoke did an interview with her Monday at the Tour of California.

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